After careful consideration and consultation you have decided to buy a puppy from us …. now I can well imagine that there are quite a few questions about how / what / when and why ……

I will try to provide you briefly some information about the important things:

The puppies:

  • -the puppies get a FCI pedigree (export pedigree if applicable)
  • -the pups wil get obviously a chip
  • -the puppies get all the required vaccinations including rabies (see note) and a European Passport. All our puppies are under care and supervision of a good veterinarian in Pecs. (Dr. Garami Jószef,

NOTE: the veterinarian reports the numbers of the European passport and its related chip number too the Hungarian Central Registration Office. This ensures the reliability and traceability  and gives you as a buyer the maximum security.

-There is a new European legislation by December 2014: the puppies who go to their new owners outside the country, in this case  Hungary, and stay within the EU may pass the border at 15 weeks ….. 21 days after the rabies vaccination witch the puppies get at 12 weeks … so … 12 weeks and 21 days (3 weeks) is 15 weeks.  WITHOUT EXCEPTION !!!!

  • The puppies which are sold in Hungary are allowed to go to their new owners with 10 weeks   
  • -The puppies are sold with an official contract. A copy we will sent to the relevant Hungarian authorities.
  • -The new owner will receive  souvenir in the form of a “goody bag”

As you know, we live in Hungary and the question is….how will the puppies go to the new owners:


For this there are two possibilities:

Option 1:

You can pick up the puppy yourself .

NEW : You can stay in our new farmhouse with garden and enjoy your time with the new pup! If you have any questions….we live only 500 meter from the farmhouse!

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Option 2:

We bring the puppy in person at your home. This we can do to  the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. We ask in that case a travel allowance of € 385, –
We do not use any puppy transportation whatsoever. ( only overseas…)

Last but not least, the costs and terms.

A puppy costs  € 950, – including all of the above exclusive travel expenses ( per 01-01-2021)
Do you want to reserve a puppy , one has to pay a deposit of € 275, – 
The travel allowance , if needed, is € 385, – and must be paid in advance and must be been paid before we leave.

NOTE: If for any reason, the purchase will not take place because the buyer has changed his ore her mind, then this deposit will NOT be refunded!.
I hope that the above information is clear enough but if you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate and contact us.

Hoping to welcome you in Hungary.

SASA-Resi-basset hound kennel.
Sivert and Sandra Arends